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Rescue on Tenebrae

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The GM:  John Till




Synopsis:  Welcome to Trey Causey's Strange Stars, an exotic far future setting inspired by classic SF, science fiction comics, and the transhuman SF of Reynolds and Iain M. Banks! You've been hired for a rescue mission, deep inside the lawless Zuran Expanse. You need to rescue the crew of an expedition to the legendary planet Tenebrae, a world of gloom and labyrinths. Why would anyone go there? The ruins on this dead world hold a great prize:  Pentachorons, glossy black pyramids with the ability to detect hidden hyperspace nodes. Find one, and you can strike it rich forever. Look for one, and as often as not you go missing. 


Fair warning: don't be surprised if you find yourself in a galaxy with some, well, Guardians!


Setting Book and Game System: 


No Fate or Strange Stars knowledge necessary. Fate rules are simple and will be taught; Strange Stars space opera setting is fun and easy to grok. 



The Characters:


 The Bounty Hunter
 The Mystic
The Warrior  
The Mentat  
The Pilot    



Game Type: Adventure


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