Heroes Remembered

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Heroes Remembered

(piggly wiggly 2: electric Boogaloo)


The GM: Ryan



Player Character Caste/Type (...or what Freyr calls them or thinks...) Previous Battle-Mate/Partner

Freyr the Mute (Goals)

aka Jagus Cleansing Brilliance

Zenith Caste Aspiring Sky Pirate

Through the Evening, Softly (Hawk)

Eve, Nea


Xiao Yao (Goals)

aka Obsidian Evening

Night Caste  "Sneak Thief Assassin"  Fears No Darkness (Snake)

Zoko (Goals)

aka Evening's Glorifying Essence

Twilight Caste 

"Wild Haired Sorceress of the Forest!" 

Steel Clemency (Wolf)

Athena (Goals)

aka Heaven's Radiant Guardian

Twilight Caste  "Royal Bodyguard / Crafter"  Falling Feather Radiant (Eagle)

Tonache Belila (Goals)

aka Kanoma Joyous Refrain

Eclipse Caste  "The Face / The Money"  Leaf Shakes the Wind (Monkey)

Inanna (Goals)

aka Stone Lotus

Eclipse Caste "A Finder / Messenger - Unquestionable Honor" Last Light (Falcon)


aka Ryoka Gentle Morning

Dawn Caste "The 6th member, The Mercenary"  Rivers Between Us (Deer)
NPC Seven Devils Clever (Fox) Changing Moon Lunar

Xiao's Mentor,  Young


Mati Hunts through Shadows (Snow Leopard)

aka Leaf Shakes the Wind (monkey)

Changing Moon Lunar (Pretty Sexy Kitty Boy) - Belila's Baby Daddy? Kanoma Joyous Refrain (Eclipse)

Leeta Sleeps between Breaths (Bear)

aka Steel Clemency (wolf)

Full Moon Lunar Towering Bodybuilding Woman! Evening's Glorifying Essence (Twilight)
NPC Through the Evening, Softly (Hawk) Full Moon Lunar My love, Eve Jagus Cleansing Brilliance 
NPC Fears no Darkness (Snake) Full Moon Lunar Meditating Assassin Guy, Drunk Obsidian Evening 

Braba - What Thunder Spoke (Stryx)

aka Falling Feather Radiant (Eagle)

... Moon Lunar Tall, Metalsmith, Old, Grumpy Heaven's Radiant Guardian

Agwie - (I forgot)

aka Last Light (Falcon)

... Moon Lunar  Soft Spoken, Woodworker, Knows of the Elders Stone Lotus
NPC Bounding Fury (Tiger) ... Moon Lunar Albian's Battle Companion... Ryoka Gentle Monring
NPC Argos



"Guy who was digging at that place..."

A large man with a southern look to him.

Carries a black Grimcleaver / Skin of Bronze

Had cross swords caste mark

NPC (Tachiku)



"Chick who was with Argos that Xiao saw"

Was taking on Monks of the Immaculate Order

NPC (Rakyth)



Red Swirling Circle

Caste mark

"Really Fast Guy who Got Away!!!"

Has a red swirling caste mark, anima is red/green

Carried a black Reaper diklaive

NPC Sweet Perversion of Justice Abyssal
"Grey Robes of Mortuary Order" - Prayer Beads   
NPC Ecstasy in Death Abyssal

"Military Cut White Hair, Corpse-Like Taut Skin

Dark Metal Armor w/ howl face & skulls / Diklaive"


Gilded Grey Hollows

(Tonache Hien)


"Powerbow of Dark Metal, Fine Silks/Vest"

Belila's Brother. Short black hair, attractive.

NPC Beloved Night Knife of Ashes Abyssal
"Very Attractive, Straight Red Hair / Travel Leather"  
NPC Resplendent Slaughter Abyssal
"Woman Robe of Mortuary order, dark mask, white hair"  
NPC Jun-Chang

Fivescore Fellowhsip


"Green Eyed Guy" - "Related to Belila"

"Robes of a Scholar"

NPC Kenidis Iron Waves

Fivescore Fellowhsip


"Who was censored."  
NPC  Arcadia Denth

Fivescore Fellowhsip


"The one with red eyes"  
NPC New Day's Grace

Fivescore Fellowhsip


"Yellow - sisters of Seven Fold Sin Eater" 
NPC Seven Fold Sin Eater Fivescore Fellowhsip

"Purple Eyed Woman with Cat Ear'ed Cloak"

Ally of Jun-Chang

NPC Captain Issara Wood Dragonborn Honorable Solider who ambushed us  
NPC Yurgen Kaneko - Bull of the North Dawn Caste

Leading army barbarians of the North,

carries a Red Jade Diklaive.

NPC Mabala Night Cast Chick living on my boat!  
NPC     "Whoever pulled Freyr out of the sea..."  


NPC Humans:

Character Where (...or what Freyr calls them or thinks...) Notes
Captain Jorm Dawnweaver - Nexus/South  Captain of the Dawnweaver 2 kids (Lano 22yr, Helia 20yr), dead wife, spending time with Inanna 
Captain Ganir Chorus of Twilight - Nexus/West
Captain of Chorus of Twilight
Dorel Midday's Grace - Nexus/North Crew of the Midday's Grace  
Captain Losan Midday's Grace - Nexus/North Captain of the Midday's Grace
Captain Ren Yuanjun Shimmering Tide -  Nexus/West Captain of Shimmering Tide Roguish, tall, carries a lot of knives.
Illith Shimmering Tide -  Nexus/West  Crew of Shimmering Tide Was caravan leader 
Captain Himas Odenal Races the Dawn - Nexus/East Captain of Races the Dawn  
Captain Melody Dire Northern Twilight - Port Cailen/Northwest Captain of Northern Twilight  
Captain Conrad Yuen Reaches for Heaven - North Captain of Reaches for Heaven

Dirigible / Airship

Captain ?? Glass Aflame - Nexus/Chiarascuro Captain of Glass Aflame  
First Mate Narian Reckless Virtue - All Over Human First Mate In charge when Freyr isn't there... 
Mayla Mountains south of Coventry  "Goat Herder Chick"  
Pell "Old Talisman Hall" / Nexus Inn Keeper

Wears a medallion of the Unconquered Sun

Member of "Cult of the Illuminated"

George "The Tavern" / Coventry Tavern keeper  
Kyton, the Fat Unknown - last seen 2 weeks south of Nexus Last Captain of Reed Weaver  
Captain Shelon Last Regret - South of Blessed Isle Captain of Last Regret

(not part of Radiant Sails, or the Order of Pirates)

Owed Debt to Jacanto's Borther

Captain Jacanto (dead) - Sea South of Blessed Isle Captain of Bloodspray  
??? Unknown - Believed to be Nexus "Robed Man..."

The one who identified Zoko as Anathama

(might not be human - will reclassify when we know)

Kelar Vega At Heaven's Forge Guard Trainer  
Roan Bartender at Tracha Good Guy, but doesn't sing  
Helania at Villa Freyr and Eve's Daughter Age 14
Steiner at Villa Freyr and Eve's Son Age 11


NPC Other:

Character Type Where (...what Freyr calls them or  thinks...) Notes
Avishul Fair Folk Wherever she wants Athena's Bane and Blessing?  
The Watchman Airship Unknown MFin' Airship! Need I Say More?!  
Reckless Virtue Airship The Villa Faster Airship  
Sulis Small God Grey River (closer to nexus than convetry) ... of the Grey River  
Aequoth Small God   ... of the Silver River  
Lacksule Small God Shrine at base of "Stairway to Heavenforge" ... of the Mountain (With Heavenforge)  
Yalung Demon Unknown - Last seen in Mountains near Heavenforge "Goat Sucking Demon Thing" Knelt to the Unconquered Sun 
Ladech Fair Folk Eastern Wood, near Windweald "The Hunter of the Eastern Wood"  
Dok Wolf Where Zoko is... Zoko's Friend Truffles, Wolf, Pig, Hey You... 
Dumuzi Raiton Where Inanna is... Inanna's Friend  
Ingi Fire Elemental Heavenforge's Forge Heavenforge's Steward  
Cytori Construct Windweald
Windweald's Steward  
Five Days Darkness God Last seen @ Nexus during Calibration God of Calibration and Darkness Brother of Unconquered Sun, Master martial artist
Nara-O God Last seen in cave by Obsidian Evening God of Secrets known by only one person  
StoneDog Spirit Guarding Freyr's Villa Spirit guarding Freyr's villa  
Blixs Fair Folk  Guarding the Wyld Forest by the Villa  Charged to guard the road to the Villa    
Keeper Spirit Keeper of the "Summer House"    
Lyteck God (Yu Shan) God of Exaltation  


The Contents of the Vault

Where Name  Notes  Appearance
Nexus 1 Dreamcatcher  Unknown   
Nexus 2 Dream Nexus

According to Avishul, the

thing providing our memories 

Looks like a 5' tall, 2' diameter constructed prism floating a foot of the ground. Contains a swirling mist that gives off a faint light.

Back has a circular indent/switch interface

Nexus 3 Soulsteel / Soulforge  
Nexus 4 Ggh'Yat "Thought Cloud"   
Nexus 5 Cognition   Orichalcum Circlet and notes on Circlet and Helm 
Nexus 6 Soulcutter   Grand Diklaive of an unknown, light gray metal, with three hearthstones. 
Nexus 7 Potential Forge   Forge made of Orichalcum. Possibly an attempt to harness the Wyld or craft Glamour 
Nexus 8 Rah-Si "The One Unknown"  
Nexus 9 Ekiborua "The Eternal Force"  A smudge on Creation, only powerful when it has a driving goal. 
Nexus 10      
Nexus 11 Gate Room    
Nexus 12      
Nexus 13      
Nexus 14   Marked "Supplies"   
Nexus 15   Marked "Training Room"   
Nexus 16   Marked "Library"   
Nexus 17   Marked "Office"   
Nexus 18      
Freyr 1 "Tutchako" Marked "Jail"  
Freyr 2  
Marked "Orb" 12 orichalcum rings spinning independently around an orb a foot in diameter. (Dark Metal)
Freyr 3  
Marked "Gateway Table" Holes with Crystal Rods (5 holes - non-equidistant)
Freyr 4  
Marked "Office - Boring" Office - 
Cold 1   
Marked "Gateway Table"   
Cold 2   
Marked "Armor"  Many different metals 
Cold 3   
Marked "Bottle"  Mostly Full (Green Glass) 
Cold 4   
Marked "Glass Blade"  Foot and a half Glass Dagger, on a dark wooden stand 
Gallery 1  
Marked "Gateway Table"   
Gallery 2  
Marked "U. S." Tiny Sun, Floating in Room - "distilled and pressed essence" Shard of the Unconquered Sun
Gallery 3  
Marked "Big Sword/Albion" Reaver Daiklaive, orichalcum, highly ornate - Removed.  Carried by Albion
Gallery 4  
Marked "Workshop" Workshop - Detail Work - Lots of Notes and Papers - Written at Heaven's Radiant Guardians
Gallery 5  
Marked "Jewelry" Jewelry Store, all skillfully made - some bound with essence.  
Athena 1 Gate Room    (Extra Spot, going to South East corner of creation) 
Athena 2 Clockwork Assassin  Marked "Metal Atomaton"  Created by Athena and Igni 
Athena 3 Drawing Room  Marked "Office Drawing"  Seems to be a planning room for Athena's workshop 
Athena 4   Marked "Glasswall / Darkness"  Worked stone ending in glass, beyond which is darkness 


Game System: Exalted, 2nd Edition


Game Type:  Campaign


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