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The GM: Dan Johnsen


The Characters:

PLAYER Character
PLAYER Character
PLAYER Character


Game System: Eclipsephase


Game Type: One-Shot 


Related Games: None


Incoming Message....Encryption.....decoding....Game Synopsis.

Is this what death is like?

His arm, silver and cloud like...like a nano-swarm, rises from his body.

His body, in darkness, unmoving, slumps in an eco-fresh soother chair.

His soul? rises above his body...and dissipates.

His body...jerks, convulsing in freedom, spasming...in birth pangs.

His body rises from the chair, quieting. It opens it's eyes...but instead of eyeballs, whites and pupils, ...there are teeth.

The teeth recede, and eyes come forth.

The others won't know...

An exsurgent is born.


A group of infected firewall agents, in a locked down facility, must enact or find a cure before they mutate into horrible exsurgent monstrosities whose only goal is to destroy transhumanity in service to the Titans.


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