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Monster Hunters

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Monster Hunters


The GM: Derick Larson


The Characters:

PLAYER  Male Dwarf Fighter - Browning
PLAYER  Female Elf Wizard - Winchester
 Female Human Cleric - Springfield
PLAYER  Male Halfling Thief - Colt
 Male Elf Bard - Deringer
Uriah  Female Human Ranger - Beretta


Game System: Dungeon World - website


Sample character sheets in case you are interested - link


Game Type: Convention


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King Rupert the Second takes peace and stability very seriously. Your group of monster hunters has been dispatched to take care of some trolls. Easy money? Not likely.


The Kingdom of Selvas is a peaceful place. King Rupert the Second, Lord Protector of the Realm takes peace and stability very seriously. After spending his youth eliminating monsters and other threats from his kingdom, he has turned over monster threats to the kingdom to those best suited to the task – adventurers. A bounty system with payouts by type and number of monsters keeps adventurers in business. Add in a strict policy of secrecy whenever possible and the people of Selvas have forgotten most of the threats that their fathers and grandfathers faced. Your organization – Monster Hunters – has received notification of trolls stopping traffic in the town of Gonzaga. Your group has been outfitted with horses, a wagon, a good amount of wizards fire (very helpful for trolls) and sent to take care of the problem and collect the bounty.


Good Luck


Based loosely (very loosely) on the Monster Hunter International series of books by Larry Correia


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I do so very much love those books!

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