Ghost Recon Shadowrunner

Ghost Recon: Shadowrunner


The GM: Jeff


VTOL #1:

Player Character Archtype Role  Primary Weapon
  Crank Leader / Mage Shooter  
  Stinky Pointman Shooter  
  Dose Medic Sniper  
  3-Phase Phys Adept Shooter  
  Uzi Technomancer Demolitions Shooter  
  Hogan Orc Heavy Weapons  


VTOL #2 (the Characters):

Player Character Archtype Role  Primary Weapon
Ryan  Bolt Leader Shooter  
Albert  Kozak Technomancer Shooter  
Ben  Thirty Shooter Sniper  
Rachel  Pepper Phys Adept Shooter  
Claus  Double Mystic Adept Shooter  
Brandon Smash Troll Physical Adept Heavy Weapons  


Game System: Shadowrun 


Game Type: One-Shot JonCon13


Team Synopsis:

A team of tier one UCAS 'Ghost Recon' special forces.  They all share a close bond of friendship and service stronger than blood.  Professional, dedicated, and driven to succeed.  The men and women on the team are the best that the UCAS has to offer, and are equipped with the best that UCAS money can buy.  Mil Spec hardware makes even the most jaded Shadowrunner quiver with a strange mix of fear and glee. Jim is your Rigger pilot, Jam is the Rigger in the lead aircraft. James the Crew Chief is in your vehicle. Your GMC Thunderhawk is loaded with a variety of special equipment, from top end drones to magical nano healing kits. Your two VTOLs have been tasked with this mission.



Dr. Janet Fipke, deep crust diamond prospector is gone missing.  Her family is majority owner of a Single-A corp involved in diamond mining in the UCAS old Canadian north and northwest that her great great grandfather founded.  She was last seen being taken into the MSP'plex Northside barrens. She is a native of MSP'plex and went to college here and did her masters work here.  She has family and friends in the downtown plex.  The team of six went wheels up from Fort Bragg this morning at 0318 hours and made the flight (1200 miles) up here in a pair of heavily modified stealth VTOL GMC Thunderhawks.  


Bio: Dr. Janet G. Fipke

A Canadian geologist specializing in deep crust diamonds, drilling, mining, and excavation.  She is a prospector from Toronto, Ontario, UCAS. 


She was born 20 March, 2048 and is the great great grand daughter of Charles E. Fipke who was the first person to discover diamonds in Canada.


She is 25 and after her family relocated her to Minnesota UCAS, received her B.A. degree in Geology from Carleton college, an M.S. in Geology from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in Geochemistry from Johns Hopkins University.  She is short, athletic, has dark brown hair and blue eyes.  She was last seen on the university campus downtown MSP'Plex, but missed a number of appointments prompting her boyfriend to call in a missing persons.  



NSAA (National Signal and Aura Administration) was tasked with finding her after he father George Fipke called in a favor to U.S. Senator Harold Akuma of Minnesota, who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The two are childhood friends. The National Command Authority tasked you with recovering her after international assets validated the situation she was in. Hacked communications between the Northside barrens gang known as the Firemen and an unknown buyer have found that the transfer between the acquisition shadowrunners of the Firemen and the buyer is scheduled for 0600 hours March 20, (see target below) behind a local bar known as The Firehouse.  This is your target, she is inside.  Your Liasion contact at UCIA (the new UCAS CIA/DIA) sent a strange missive just before takeoff at Fort Bragg. It was a forward from Janet to a collection of her friends, and it found its way to him, it read: "I'm on the run now. If you get this, I'm in trouble. Please tell father. I only have to outrun them until after the Spring Equinox this year, March 20, 0630 hours."


Target (A):

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Current Time and Date:

0430 hours March 20, 2073. Northside Barrens, MSP'plex, UCAS.

Your VTOL #2 passed into Barrens airspace from the East at 0429 hours and are exactly 6 miles from the target, or 30 seconds of hard deceleration and braking turns.  The lead VTOL #1 is ahead of you by 300 feet.  Altitude is 100 feet. Speed 738 mph. You are 10.1 miles into the barrens and are in a Matrix Dead zone. Current weather is snowstorm, 75% whiteout, visibility 200 feet. Satellite communications are down.  You're blind, alone, quiet, and starting to feel like a racehorse in the gate.  Something is starting to make your sphincter pucker. But no matter how bad things get, you never quit.



Completing named achievements (e.g. Killing Spree) will earn XP that can be used to buy successes, or buy off crit fails, or fails.  The achievements will be on named cards, which will give hints, but the exact detail of the achievement will be written on the underside of the card.



Both VTOLs were on final approach, when AAA armed APCs opened fired and destroyed the first VTOL, and crashed the second. They survived by spending edge, grapped some gear and blended into the night as the APCs searched for survivors.  


The team made their way on foot at a brisk run through the blizzard the couple miles to the target house, arriving at 0440.  The approached and deployed the snipers and sniper drones on the far side of the west field.  The other four stealthed to the southwest door and entered. Smash picked the door and Kozak was the first in. Using the Ultra-low band radar equipped drone that Double picked up, they watched the interior patrol and made it into just outside the door with the hostage.  Inside were four guards.  The gang house had 22 members inside, 8 of their armed guards. Outside there were probably another 40. This seemed easy, but if anything went wrong it would get ugly.  Again, Smash picked the door and in they went.  Each of the four breaching took down one of the four inside, all silently, Smash used the butt of his assault cannon, and Bolt used his knife.  They closed and locked the door.  Looking around, they noticed the hostage was a dummy mockup to look like her.  A phone was in the room with 2 land lines leavingout. Kozak sent a sprite down one, and Double sent the drone to trace the other. The sprite returned almost instantly, saying it went to a phone 1.5 miles southest of their current location. The drone would take longer, so they exfiltrated.  Bolt decided they needed to remove the one wandering patrol in their corner of the building so he snapped a neck and dragged him into the room.  But they needed to find where the lines went, so they went into a room adjacent.  Seeing a sleeping orc from the gang, and not the hostage, Double being somewhat confused, she gunned down the orc with her suppressed pistol.  This made Smash laugh.  They went to the next room and this time Smash handled the interrogation.  The orc told them they didn't know where the girl was, but that the girl was at one location and a QRT at the other.  Smash then choked out the orc.


0455. Exfiltrating, they were spotted by a patrol, poor new guy Kozak f-ing up and blowing cover, so the sniper Pepper opened fire, while Thirty was packing up the drones. Half the patrol was down when the team returned fire.  The next patrol over spotted something, but wasn't sure what. While they were deciding, the team slipped off into the pre-dawn snow.  The drone reached the north location and found a 40 man QRT with assault rifles, rocket launchers, and technicals.  They headed to the south location.


0500. Halfway to the south location they heard an explosion from ahead. Arriving there they found orc body parts blown all over, the apartment smoked, signs of a firefight, and truck tire trails leading north.  The drone sped off but lost the trail.  Their more accute human eyes kept up to it and they followed it in a ten person van that Pepper found.  


0515. The team had the Van loaded and were headed north.  They went north of 694 into no mans land and arrived at a decrepit old business.  Outside as they approached, they found patrols of zombies surrounding the compound, maybe 60 or 90 in all.  Ten zombies guard the outside of the place, with more inside.  The zombies were unarmed.


0545. Hearing female screams from the building, they stealthed through the storm and got to a door.  Crossing the last gap to the door, again Kozak the new guy kicked a can and drew some unwanted attention.  But the team didn't slow down, they dove in through the door and burned down the three zombies in the room through force of action and volume of fire.  Double zeroed in on the sounds, knew they were coming from below, and spotting a ramp headed down, tossed down her flashpack to illuminate the room. Then using a remove viewing spell identified the six zombie trolls down there and the three vampires interrogating the hostage.  Behind them was a tunnel leading out, with single wheel bikes for a get away.  


Action exploded upstairs as the zombies were alerted by the team killing those three.  This released the spirits, which all the dual-natured zombies noticed and collapsed on where the spirits were seen returning to their realm.  The team moved down the ramp, with some firing up to hold off purusing zombies, and most firing down to take out the zombie trolls.  Pepper fired two shots and took out the get away bikes. Double's stun ball almost dropped her but it also almost dropped all the trolls.  A vampire regenerated without the team knowing it before they burned it to nothing. A few shots later, the girl was secured by Smash and he headed down the tunnel.  The rest of the team was right behind.


0600. An air strike on the building cut them off in the tunnel and sealed out the zombies above.  Any in the blast radius were killed out to a radius of 20 meters. With no pursuers the team was able to escape back to the Lone Star building in downtown Saint Paul.