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Welcome to the Grim Legion

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The GM: Jon Cazares



The Characters:

player Skraat T'skrang Wizard. Newly appointed Legate of the Grim Legion
player Cervantes Human Sky Raider. Skraat's advisor and bodyguard
player Lord Vyle Ork Nethermancer. Theran Ambassador. Slave trader
player William Blake Strange Human. Iopos Ambassador. True believer in the words, "You are what you own". 
player Crimson Human. The Grim Legion's arch assassin. Should be the Legate. Hates Skraat.
player Mr. Steelheart Dwarf. The Grim Legion's barrister. Questor of Dis (the Mad Passion  of  bureaucracy)


Game System: Earthdawn


Game Type: One-Shot, Series


Related Games:


Synopsis:  For decades, under guise of a horror hunting corps, the Grim Legion has been a force of cruel injustice and vindictive aggression all across Barsaive. The last several years have seen hardship fall on the Legion - assasinations, political infighting and very recently, the death of their Legate and several of his Lieutenants.

     Their numbers dwindling the Legion hastily searched for a replacement to rule.  Crimson, a blood thristy elf from Kratas was the top candidate but the secretative Oblation Board did not approve the psychopathic assassin. 

     Instead, they passed an olive branch to an unlikely candiate: Skratt, a former enemy of the Legion. A T'skrang wizard who is honorable, trustworty and truthful. 

     Why would the Oblation Board approve a leader from without (and one with such questionable characteristics) when they have such a qualified applicant in Crimson? 

     What will the Legion become under the watch of Skraat, an obvious good, lawful adept? Is this truely a new day for the Legion or does the Oblation Board have something more sinister in mind?  Something wicked, deceptive and perhaps more than a little bit depraved?

     That must be it.  This new Legate will never know what hit him.



The Letter:


               Skraat -      

     What's this I hear about you running the Grim Legion?  Are you insane?  How many times have they tried to kill us? They have members from Iopos and Thera and most of them are Questors of Mad Passions!  Oh, wait. Wait a minute! Hold on! I see what you're doing.  Keep your enemies close, eh?  Not bad.  Not bad at all. Actually, sounds kind of fun.  I'll be back ASAP!

     Hey! Can I have a title?  Something long and official.  How about, "Swordmaster Supreme and Vice Legate in Charge of Interior Design and Fashion Sense". That's not bad, eh? I just came up with that on the spot! Speaking of which we have to do something about those Legion uniforms. Black and grey does not work for our skin complexion at all!  Perhaps tabards of mixed orange, safron and emerald? We should probabaly change the name too. Grim Legion doesn't have a very friendly ring to it.  How about calling it the Justice League?  Or does that sound too uptight?  Anyway, I'll be back to Throal in a few months.

     Don't get killed without me! 

                                                                                                                                                   - Sleestak, S.S.V.L.C.I.D.F.S.



Note: Skraat, Cervantes, and Sleestak are all characters from a long running ED campaign (10+  years).  Returning players will take the roles of their characters while new players will take the roles of their political enemies.


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