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The GM: Adam



The Characters:



Game System: Factions


Game Type: One-Shot, Series


Related Games:


Synopsis:  The Alliance needs a lot of things for its fight against the Order. As the revolution heats up, the revolutionaries will need more and more firepower... and they're running out of places to get it. Your Circle has been chosen to travel to Mexico to work out a deal with the terrible occultists behind the drug cartels, the Shacti. They have the guns the Alliance needs and have plenty of experience in breaching the border. But what does the Shacti want in return?


     The Gifted are humans who have unlocked the ability to twist the laws of reality around them, and make up secret societies called Factions. The three largest Sects are the Order, the Free Societies, and the Alliance. The Order is a tyrannical, power-hungry organization that controls the Orwellian government and vast multinational corporations. The Free Societies are neutral Factions of various political and religious ideologies. The Alliance is a recently-created resistance movement that fights the advancing controls of the Order. This spanning conflict between the Order and the Alliance is the root cause of the budding civil war in America.

     There are several important metaphysical game principles. First is the existence of two worlds, Incarna and Maya, which are divided by a metaphysical barrier called the Mirror. Incarna is the physical, mundane world, more-or-less as we know it. Maya is the world of the collective unconscious, and is a metaphorical reflection of Incarna. The landscape of the Maya is vast, and contains distant worlds buried deep in humanity's psyche.

     Gifted cross between these two worlds at weak points in the Mirror. These weak points are places called Vales, which are locations that hold great meaning to the masses. Vales are landmarks of various sizes, from the local (churches, parks, corner pubs) to the grand (the Statue of Liberty, the Pyramids of Gaza). Dreamtimes are temporary Vales, which mark events of meaning, like parades, block parties, celebrations, or scenes of disaster.

     The Shadow War plays out on both sides of the Mirror, involving Ritual Magic, Astral combat, spirit agents, and paradigm warfare. Ultimately, the Factions desire to influence reality by channeling and molding the beliefs of humanity. Control what the people believe, and you control the true mechanisms of the cosmos


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