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Underwater, only the deep ones can hear you scream!


The GM: Claus Emmer


The Characters:


Diana VonPrice - Wealthy Eccentric

Uriah Prof. Arthur Wordsworth - Librarian 
Jeff Penelope Pewterschmidt - Assistant Librarian

Athena Rhodes - Explorer

Mitch Otto Gefährlich - Engineer
Hal Capt. Joe Armstrong - Soldier




Game System: Spirit of the Century: Cthulhu Variant


Game Type: One-Shot: JonCon09


Related Games:



  • Publish or Perish 

    Related only conceptually, both being Call of Cthulhu games run (at least partially) using Spirit of the Century. 





1924, March - Headline: Acclaimed Professor Wordsworth secures the VonPrice Endowment to Fund Expedition to find the Fabled Tables of the Seven Truths.

1924, June - Headline: War Hero Capt. Joe Armstrong to join Famed Explorer Athena Rhodes as part of the Wordsworth Expedition.

1926, December - Headline: "We've Found It!  We're coming home!" Says Prof. Wordsworth

1927, April - Headline: Tragidy Strikes!  Wordsworth Expedition lost at sea.


Penelope's Journal Entry, April 17th 1927: I still cannot believe our luck! I had thought we were goners for sure when we started taken on water, but Captain Armstrong got us all on our liferaft and kept us all going. Then, my heart almost exploded when, on the second day floating in the middle of the ocean, the submarine broke through the surface like moby dick coming up for air. Good thing the professor knew how to speak german, and that Mrs VonPrice was able to convince them to let us on board. Still, it is quite strange being underwater like this. I wish they would let us walk around, instead of keeping us locked up in the small room, but the professor says they are breaking enough rules letting us on their submarine. Ms. Rhodes seems to have caught the eye of one of the german sailors, who seems to be nicer than the rest... and he speaks a little english too. Well, that is all for now, Dr. Fredrick says he has discovered something new on the tablet.

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