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The Boat Job

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The Boat Job




The GM: Claus Emmer




The Characters:

Jeff Shark
Jim B. Frank Martin
Dan Hardison
None Parker
None Spenser
None Castle




Game System: Spirit of the Century: Cyberpunk Variant




Game Type: One-Shot: JonCon09


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Date: 2046 - 08 - 20 - Time: 1400 zulu


A pair of AI controlled container ships, transporting cargo from Eastern United States to Antartica, have, due to instrument failure, gone far off course.  Their transport is of particular interest to us. Weather satilites inidcate that a large storm front is set to overtake the vessels at 2000 zulu.  The parent company is scheduled to get support there at 1930; we can get you there at 1900.


Of the cargo being transported is a prototype combat vehicle.  the Ka-2-Low


Objective:  Recover the Combat Vehicle

  Objective of Opportunity: Make it look as if the cargo was lost at sea

  Objective of Opportunity: Erase physical and digital evidence of your actions


Objective Consideration: There should be limited human presence onboard (4 per ship), unless you are still there when support arrives. 



  Satillite Imagry of the ship including shipping manifest

  Documents regarding the design specifications of the Ka-2-Low.

  Employee Profiles of people on board container ships


The Team:

  Ares outfited unit.  Either current or ex-Ares operatives.

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