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Take Your Time, Gentlemen

Page history last edited by Kr1mz0n 12 years, 4 months ago

Take Your Time, Gentlemen


The GM: Jon


The Characters:

PLAYERWan Lai ShenDescription
PLAYERProfessor Robert Partridge Keaton IIIDescription
PLAYERMr. IronsDescription
PLAYERDorothy ValentineDescription
PLAYERFlorence Taft 'Madam Q'Description
PLAYERFrank WheatonDescription


Ray Cavin
Tony Messerges
Chris Fitch
Jim Beecher


Game System: Champions


Game Type: Convention


Related Games:

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Manhattan, NY, 1908. A leisurely time where women wore picture hats and did not vote, where the rich were not ashamed to live conspicuously, and the sun really never set on the British flag. It was also a time of great inequality, in which the privileges of the rich were made possible by the labour of their servants, an age when the inequalities of wealth and poverty were starkly delineated and the conventions of class were still rigidly defined - there was a place for everyone and everyone knew their place.


An era of material novelties, heard in the clatter of the telegraph, the jingle of the telephone and the cacophony of the first mass-produced typewriters, experienced in the eerie feeling of ascent on the first elevator rides, the dazzling aura of electric light, and the new, democratic mobility of the bicycle or Henry Ford's Model T.


A romantic Golden Age of long summer afternoons, garden parties, secret societies of steam powered engineers, fantastically enhanced heroic individuals, cunningly villainous crime lords and alien ambassadors from the alternate reality of Sliding Albion.


A Champions event in the Edwardian Era.

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