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Song of the Four Winds

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The GM: Brandon Kaya



The Characters:



Game System: Qin


Game Type: One-Shot, Series


Related Games:


Synopsis:  China, the Warring States, 200 BC. The ruler of Qin is on the ascent with the aim of reuniting the Seven States under one banner, his own.


You and your friends have grown up in the trading town of Nao.  You have all just come of age and yearn to see the world outside of your town.  It seems unlikely that you will ever leave Nao, instead following your professions here as your parents and their parents.  As usual, you are gathering at the market to talk and have some fun.  However, your wish for adventure may come when you least expect it.


Come play Chinese heroes during this troubled era who, plunged in the political turmoil, may come to influence the destiny of the Kingdoms.


This adventure is the introductory adventure in the Qin rulebook.   

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