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Big fucking brown bear, yet cuddly

Level 23

companion of Arust

GnollDeath is your typical brown bear. He's male, mean, but smart. In a bearish way. He is roughly 4ft tall at the shoulder when on all fours and just over 10ft tall when standing. He weighs a little over 2000 lbs, as he is not really a wild bear and has an exceptionally good diet of meat, grains (nom barley), honey, and gnolls. He's a dumb kind of friendly, the kind of friendly that will smile a bearish smile at you even after you've kicked him. Even in the snout. But when things dawn on him, albeit slowly, or when Arust shouts a command, he will roar and attack. RAWR.
STR  22 
CON  20 
DEX  14 
WIS  14 


AC  35 
Fort  37 
Reflex  33 
Will 35


HP  Bloodied  Surge Value  Surges 
246  123  61  2


Base Attack  +25 vs AC 
Damage  1d12 (see video)
Trained Skills:  Athletics, Endurance 
Senses:  Lowlight, Cheese Radar 



Gnolldeath sleeps wherever Arust is, and rarely makes a den for the winter (he hasn't in 5 years). If Arust is gone and has left him behind, GD will sleep in the front entryway of Elloth's. If they're off together and have left him alone, he'll either camp outside her house or wander out to the forest and pick a nice berry patch to sleep (and eat) in. LUFF BERREZE!




(Note, I assume that GD is smart (8) enough and wise (14) enough to walk around town and not get into trouble, and the population is cultured enough to notice and allow intelligent animals basically simple citizen rights. In other non-Eladrin towns, or non-elf towns, I won't make that assumption. I also might go so far as to assume he can almost understand common and/or elven, and can basically communicate in yes/no gestures, he's also probably good at reading body language and interpreting people's gestures. Like a chimp basically.)



Appeared in: Kingdom Under Siege, Companion of Arust.

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