Jon Con 2009


Hello and welcome (back) to JonCon!


JonCon 2009 will take place on May 21th - 25th at the Geek House. Reunite with friends and past lives, bask in the glory of pot luck Saturday, worship the Yellow Sign! It's all here!


JonCon Lives!


Featured Events

Factions: On Thursday night local game designer Adam Reimenschneider will be joining us to run a new story from his self published "Factions RPG". Factions is the first game line released by Adam's Other Court Games. Depicting reality-bending will workers and occultists, Factions is a game of conspiracies, struggle between secret societies, strangeness, and power. Visit for more information on his RPG and his novel based in the factions world.


Iron DM: An incredibly cool event started in JonCon 07 hosted is back again for more action! A handful of DM's will take one hour to create a D&D adventure from scratch incorporating six key ingredients supplied by JonCon. Each DM will receive the same six ingredients. Players have that same hour to create characters - and the DM can only tell them five words to guide their creation process! The event was hugely successful last year and we're very excited to host the return of the Iron DM. This story telling event of epic proportions will run Saturday afternoon with the Award Ceremony to follow during the dinner break.


Last year's key ingredients:

  1. Your story must begin or end with a moment of racial intolerance  
  2. Golem(s)
  3. A devastating natural disaster - (such as an ...) earthquake, volcanic eruption, monsoon, etc, etc.
  4. White sand beach(es) or dune(s)
  5. An NPC - Adaen - an alchemist with an addiction
  6. Must have an NPC quote "If the enemy is in range, so are you."


Slot 1 - Thursday 7 pm to Midnight
Underwater, only the deep ones can hear you scream Spirit of the Century DM: Claus Emmer
Song of the Four Winds [CANCELED] Qin DM: Brandon Kaya
Unlikely Factions DM: Adam Reimenschneider
Slot 2 - Friday Noon to 6 pm (BEHOLD THE EPIC!)
The Boat Job Spirit of the Century DM: Claus Emmer
Ill Conceived Earthdawn DM: Uriah Blatherwick
break for dinner
Slot 3 - Friday 8 pm to Midnight
Mars Island: Rd. 1 of the JonCon Tournament [FULL] Call of Cthulhu DM: Jon Cazares
Moonshine Alternity DM: Brad Klein
Unhallowed Metropolis: Convocation of the Dream Eaters Unhallowed Metropolis RPG (Eos Press) -- rules will be taught DM: John Till
Slot 4 - Saturday 10 am to 2 pm
How Much for the Hutt
Star Wars DM: Derick Larson
A Last Will and Unexpected Testament Over the Edge Second Edition DM: Jim Beecher
Slot 5 - Saturday 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm (IRON GM!)
Iron DM
break for dinner
Slot 6 - Saturday 9 pm to 1 am  
Mars Island: Rd. 1 of the JonCon Tournament Call of Cthulhu DM: Brian Wood

SRM02-06: The Flip Side

Shadowrun DM: Uriah Blatherwick
Creepstorm Redline (d20) DM: Dan Johnsen
Slot 7 - Sunday Noon to 6 pm (BEHOLD THE EPIC!)
Welcome to the Grim Legion [CANCELED] Earthdawn DM: Jon Cazares

Bullet Run

Serenity DM: Dan Johnsen
The Viking Dozen GURPS DM: Jeff Brawley
break for dinner
Slot 8 - Sunday 7pm to Midnight
Red Planet: Rd. 2 of the JonCon Tournament Call of Cthulhu DM: Jon Cazares & Brian Wood
The Dirty Dozen GURPS DM: Jeff Brawley



The Games:

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