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Jon Con 2007


Joncon 2007 Pictures


JonCon's trimphant return, in classic good old days JonCon style. JonCon '07 took place on Friday March 16 - Sun 18th, at Brian's house in St. Paul (three stories of empty gaming space!)




Featured Events:

JonCon had two featured events for the '07 year:


The Balrog Call of Cthulhu two round tournament. Round 1 was run twice, on Friday and Saturday night slot. The top players advanced to play in the final on Sunday morning. This is a modern-day Cthulhu experience in true Children of Hastur fashion. Rules knowledge is entirely unecessary, and roleplaying is key.


Iron DM: an incredibly cool event that Jon and Brian now wish they could have participated in. Five DMs were given one hour to create an adventure from scratch incorporating five ingredients supplied by the JonCon judging panel. Players created characters while the DM is created the game -- and the DM could only tell them five words to guide their creation process! We are very excited about this successful event and hope to include it in future Jon Cons. This was the only event running in five slots on Saturday afternoon, and it was followed by the Awards Ceremony dinner.



The Schedule:

Slot 1

7pm - 1am

The Balrog rd. 1 (Tournament) Call of Cthulhu Sol Room
  Strikeforce: MORITURI - Renovatores Spei Mutants and Masterminds Milky Way Room
Slot 2

10am - 2pm

Fourth World, Fading World


  • - FULL
Earthdawn Milky Way Room


  • - FULL
Abberant Centarus Room
  Oh, Those Summer Nights Villains and Vigilantes Andromeda Room
Break 2pm-2:15pm On your own
Slot 3

2:15pm - 7:15pm

Iron DM Dungeons & Dragons Sol Room
  Iron DM Dungeons & Dragons Milky Way Room
  Iron DM Dungeons & Dragons Andromeda Room
  Iron DM Dungeons & Dragons Centarus Room
  Iron DM Dungeons & Dragons room
Dinner/Awards Ceremony 7:15pm-9pm Provided/Pot Luck room
Slot 4

9pm - 2am

The Balrog rd. 1 (Tournament) Call of Cthulhu Sol Room
  The Esoterrorists Gumshoe Andromeda Room
  Mother Bleeds D&D Centarus Room

Parliament of Thieves - FULL

Shadowrun Milky Way Room
Slot 5

11am - 3pm

The Balrog rd. 2 (Tournament)

Final - advanced players only

Call of Cthulhu Sol Room
  What Dreams May Come GURPS Black Ops Milky Way Room
Lunch 3pm-4pm On your own
Slot 6

4pm - 8pm

and possibly much,

much later

Board Game Fiesta! Many, many games! Sol Room + Wherever





Comments (3)

gorta said

at 4:50 pm on Feb 6, 2007

I know that round 2 of The Balrog is the big finale event for the con, but assuming you have one slot worth of players left plus Jeff's game you don't have enough games to occupy the same number of people as the earlier slots.

Anonymous said

at 10:16 am on Feb 8, 2007

Good point! I'm sure we're going to have more people on Saturday afternoon/evening than we will on Sunday morning, but we're certainly going to have enough to support 3 games. The real question is will there be enough for 4... and I kinda don't think so, but I'm not sure.

I'll check with Jon -- it may be that we already have another game for that slot and it just didn't get added to the wiki.

Anonymous said

at 4:41 pm on Aug 22, 2007

Yeah, but GURPS pwns!!

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