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Jon Con


JonCon Photos


Games Run at JonCon -- at least the ones that actually have linked pages anyway.



JonCon '96 (First Annual)

This was held at Brandon's House on North Lyndale. I don't have documentation for this, so please fill in games you remember!



  • Pax Deorum


  • AD&D Da Bestest Thievz Ther Iz (Brian)


  •  Journey Into Darkness: Call of Cthulhu LARP.



  • AD&D The Sword of Dragon's Doom (Ryan & Brian)

    This 8 hour event slaughtered all the characters in the first 2 hours of the game.




JonCon '97 (Second Annual)

As I recall, this JonCon was held at Ryan's apartment dujour, specifically in the party room of said apartment. I also don't have documentation for this, so please fill in games you remember!





JonCon '98 (Third Annual)

Held at Jon's mom's house, as I recall.


JonCon '98 Event List


  • AD&D Crowd Control (Brad)

    Most Tenh are lazy, pitying the loss of their homeland. But this one is trying to rally the rest to a near riot. World of Greyhawk.


  • AD&D Harmony's Curse Pt. II (Lanica)

    Thavian Red Wizard Continuation. "Those blasted harpers... sure you killed the traitorous witches, but they set a simple trap. Now where are you?"


  • AD&D Old Mother Grubb (Brad)

    At first you were embarrassed that one of your order was found in such a place. Now you're angry that you need to go get him. World of Greyhawk.


  • AD&D Space: Da Bestest Front Ear Ther Iz (Brian)

    Deez R da voyagezez uv dat elf bot. Conclusion of the Bestest Trilogy. All Orcs!


  • Alternity Acceptable Casualties (Ryan & Uriah)

    Your mission: Save the world. If you fail; you die. If you succeed; you will be court-martialed.


  • Call of Cthulhu Yoth Candy


  • Champions The Blight of Heaven (Jon)

    "Gideon. Etrigan. Shaman. Only a few of my hated enemies. Here's ten million dollars for you and your group. I want them all dead, tonight." All villain game.


  • Deadlands Shattered Dreams (Ryan)

    Fallen Eagle warns the citizens of Lost Angels of the horrors that are about to confront the United States. You must decide what to do about it.


  • Deadlands What's all the Locomotion? (Lanica)

    The rail wars are leading everyone to California's Great Maze for ghostrock. You want to know why? Let's go find out...


  • Mage Disciples of Apocalypse (Aneese)

    When there's nothing to find, you won't find it. When there's nothing to win, you always lose.


  • Middle Earth Too Quiet for Comfort (Bob)

    Snarky's men haven't been around for a month or so. Some people think this is a sign that order is returning but Danners and Co. know better...


  • Shadowrun Dark Alley

    A Shadowrun. Money. Bullets. Mayhem. Matrix. Bullets. Bodies. Chaos. Cyberware. Bombs. Bodies. That's just the first night. Then it gets deadly...


  • Star Wars Black Genesis and Emerald Twilight


  • White Wolf Legends: Trial of the Witch (Dan)

    She's guilty. Get no delusions, she's guilty. Do you have what it takes to convict her and sentence this woman to death?



Bios from JonCon '98 registration form:



  • Raymond Cavin

    Raymond is married with children but he doesn't sell shoes. He doesn't even wear them much come to think of it. He laughs like a hyena on steroids and once slid across the floor and punched our friend David Greenwood in the face, on accident even.


  • Dave Hoffrichter

    Dave is like the little guy in the family. You know, our very own Arnold from Different Strokes. Or our very own Tattoo from Fantasy island. Only Dave doesn't have a surrogate father who can grant you any wish you want, his sister is a bitch though.


  • Todd Mack

    Todd recently won the dopest, fresh daddy, pimpster award in the "It's about damn time you took your damn hat off!" category. He's vowed to never run another game with our gorup again because as he puts it, "Those boys are just plain and simple... from the devil." Also, he's really cute and available for anyone interested... um, chicks only.


  • Mike Rasmussen

    Mike is a very macabre and mysterious old pagan who is living with his main squeeze Stacy. Together they live in sin somewhere in the bowels of St. Paul. People often tell Mike he looks like Jesus and sometimes Mike banishes them to hell for it.


  • Nicole Scales

    Nicole only games once a year (at JonCon) but is pretty okay at it anyway. She is the freaky lokoing chick in the corner that has her nose pierced. In her last movie appearance we stuck her in a tree and covered her with blood. It was cool.


  • Aneese Skaff

    Damn foreigner.


  • Brad White

    Brad got married a while back and the ndid the old "exit stage left" routine. His wife not only wears the pants in the family but also the shirts, the shoes, the belts and the underwear. You see, Brad is a Mandinka warrior who games and stalks the night butt nekkid.


  • Mary Wood

    Mary, like Nicole, games with us once a year (at JonCon) and even though she doesn't like the founder and star of JonCon (Jon) very much, he thinks she's just adorable, for a dame with short hair. Also, the entier population of WI thinks she's a dyke, you know, cuz she kisses girls or something.*



  • Editor's note: That last part probably isn't true. But then again, how the hell do I know?



JonCon '99 (Fourth Annual)

Held at the Pad, abode of Jon and Ryan, as I recall.


JonCon '99 Event List


  • 7th Sea Sea Dogs

    Come sail the high seas of adventure when the leader of Ussura hires you to retrieve one of their most important artifacts: his daughter.


  • AD&D Below the Crystalmists (Brad)

    The ruins have been long known. Now a journal has provided you with an entrance. Do lost texts of the ancient Suel lie below?


  • AD&D Dreams (Lanica)

    Every person has a price, and a dream. Play villains being paid to find a dream. Forgotten Realms.


  • AD&D House Wreckers (Brad)

    Those cruel adventurers! Breaking into your lair, slaying your relative, taking scavenged loot! Who do they think they are! See how the other half lives. Play mid level humanoids in Greyhawk.


  • AD&D Sword of Dragon's Doom (Brian & Ryan)

    A town in desperate need of aid. A legendary weapon. A labyrinth of evil. Only a small band of heroes can save them. The infamous game returns: can you survive?


  • Cthulhu New Yoth Order


  • Call of Cthulhu Hollow Winds (Darrell)

    Your presense is required. Your sanity will be slowly shredded before the dark terrors that lurk within your soul. Only your flesh will remain behind, if you are lucky.


  • Deadlands Doomtown 1877 (Lanica)

    Who lives in that old house? Where are all the corpses going from the cemetary? Does this sausage taste funny to you?


  • Middle Earth Too Quiet for Comfort (Bob)

    Sharky's men haven't been around for a few months. Some people think this is a sign that order is returning but Danners and Co. know better.


  • Star Wars White Silence


  • Vampire Juka Finn's Lot (Jen)

    An entire section of Southeast Minneapolis has disappeared, incaccesible to kindred and completely ignored by the blood dolls. What do you suppose the primogen council wants with you?


  • Werewolf The Silver Pack (Jon)

    Gaia's chosen warriors embrace the Phoenix totem and rage against the Wyrm's ultimate pack of Black Spiral Dancers, Zhyzhak's Brood


  • White Wolf Legend of the Ghoul (Dan)

    Many believe the faithful of the Kindred are simple toys, lost in the Jyhad, unable to function without their masters. Those fools would be wrong of course, and if the Ghouls had any say in the matter, those fools would be dead.


  • Project Twilight The Invisibles (Jon)

    Every paranoid fantasy, every conspiracy theory, every alleged cover-up and government deception, every tabloid crank story you've ever heard... imagine if all of it were true. Which side are you on?



They Used to Hang & Game with us... Where are they Now?

From JonCon '99 registration sheet.



  • Dave Hoffrichter: This bastard ditched us, we don't know why.


  • Brad White: He got married then ditched us.


  • Aneese Skaff: He's dating some freaky chick and ditched us.


  • Adam Riemenschneider: Jen ditched him then he ditched us. Then he returned.


  • Tony's friend Jason: We don't care where the hell he is as long as he never, ever comes back!


  • Todd Mack: He got a girlfriend and then ditched us.


  • Lanica & Brad Klein: They got married and ditched us, um, except that I still see Lanica five times a week cuz she likes me best. Of course, working with her could have something to do with it.


  • Heidi Klein: She got another boyfriend and ditched us.


  • Uriah Blatherwick: Yet another in a long line of people who get significant other and ditch us.


  • Cisco Lopez: He got a really, really damn good job and moved. He's also married now.




JonCon 2000 (Fifth Annual)

First foray into an actual con, held at a Holiday Inn. Attendance was well over 100 people.



JonCon 2001 (renamed to Coh Con)

Second foray into an actual con, held at International Market Square. Attendance was well over 100 people.



JonCon07 The revival of the good 'ol days of Jon Con.

Well, except Jon didn't have witty things to say about people or past Jon Cons in general. Held at Brian's residence dujour in the dreaded saint paul.



JonCon08 Officially- Jon Con: Geek House!

Held at the Geek House, of course!



JonCon09 Perhaps the Last Jon Con.

Held at the Geek House



JonCon10 The Con that would not die.

The JonCon Preservation Committee had decided not to let JonCon die... So it will live again!  With Iron DM, revival of the Jon Cazares Roleplaying Awards, Cthulhu "event" and... more! Held at the Geek House.



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