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Jon drinks and knows a bit about things.  Like Tyrion.  Only taller. 


He sometimes runs games and sometimes plays them.


Games I've Played

Games I've Run



Favorite Games:


Dan's first Mage campaign, "Rune".

Ray's Champions, "The Great Super Villain Contest" was several months of epic Champions fighting!

Part I and II of Ryan's Star Wars Trilogy. Alas, part III never happened as Ryan moved away.  None of us can remember the titles.  =(

Brian's Goes Round the Word and Black Heart of Jade, parts I and II of his Obsidian Trilogy.  Part III never happened as Brian moved away. 

Brian's Apocalypse Klaive.  Alas, the Trilogy never ended as ... see above.

Ryan's Emeralds and Jade. Alas, sequels never happened as ... see above. 

Brandon's Seven of Kaer Sevenhome and For Love of Mother

Todd's, Vampire Dark Ages Fucking Gaming Masterpiece, "12 Past Midnight". 

Brian's, Yoth Candy and New Yoth Order were great CoC stand alones!  


Memorable Moments/Quotes:

When asked about the idea of spending a weekend camping and playing Cthulhu around the campfire: "You mean in the woods? With snakes, and bugs, and leaves?"




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