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Jesse O


Jesse brings a fun, crazy, 'I do crack' attitude to a game. Jesse born in Arkansas, but since move on to the Golden Land of a little more than 10k lake in search of a better life for him and family of pet Emu. Jesse smrt.


The first sentance is probably correct. Ask anybody. I've lived in Minnesota most of my life, with only a short stay in Tennessee and the pesky buisness of being born in Hawaii. I enjoy playing D&D, mostly 3.x, but am up for whatever. The first game that I played with this group was the Beati Mites game, and I grew to really enjoy CyberPunk because of it. I'm always willing to try a different system or genre, and really enjoy board games. I have tried LARPing, and could count the number of times on one hand and still have enough fingers left to flip somebody the bird and hitchhike all while picking my nose.


Also, don't let any of my charecters anywhere near a firepoker.  Or pissed off cats.  Or a rusty ladder rung. Or an alien floor covering with axe in hand.


Games I've Played

Games I've Run


Favorite Games:


Memorable Moments/Quotes:


Just about every title of the sessions for Beati Mites after he joined the game.


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