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Held the prestigious title of JonCon Iron DM for 2007. He did not attempt to defend his crown in '08, because he knows he could blow Claus's nads off.


Jeff owns a lot of guns and will blow your fucking head off if you even look at him funny.


Well I'll certainly think about tit. Fanticizing about blowing peoples fucking heads off is one of my favorite past times. Shit, if I could really get away with it I'd do it alot more. Though I might just laugh or smirk if you look at me funny. According to the laws, statues, and precedent set down in the State of Minnesota, I can only blow your fucking head off if: (1) I have tried to leave the scene and you are stopping me, or I feel leaving the scene will put me in more danger than staying around you; (2) I feel you are going to kill me or do me great bodily harm; (3) I feel you are going to kill those around me or the ones dearest to me, or do them great bodily harm; (4) I have taken appropriate measures to avoid the situation in question with you and am unable to except through blowing your fucking head off.


Games I've Played


Games I've Run


My Characters


Note: most are Navy SEALS or Hunter/Ranger types. I'm ok with that. Ruts are fine places to be. You don't get lost.


Games I'm In or Going to Be In Very Soon:

RIFTS: Rivers of Suffering

Iron Triangle

The Dead Hand Artifact

A game by Brandon in Earthdawn



Favorite Games:

The Dead Hand Artifact


Beati Mites


The Epic Game of GOrta GOODness


Far Scholars Gift

Apocalypse Klaive


Games I miss after they stopped running:

TS Adams game

GURPS Transhuman Space: Adam's Game: Genetic Oppression

Infinite Invasion



Publish or Perish

Dead Reckonin' 


Memorable Moments/Quotes:


"Which bag of chips? This five dollar bag of chips?"

"Of course they're laser spears... duh!"

"What do you do against an attack helicopter on foot and unarmed?? Run." 


Systems I have Played or Ran In

ADnD 2nd Ed



SR2, 3, 4, 5




Star Wars d6


DnD 4E

Iron Heroes


Serenity (Savage Worlds)




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