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Iron DM

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Iron DM


Iron DM 2007

Iron DM 2008

Iron DM 2009

Iron DM 2010

Iron DM 2011

Iron DM 2012



The DMs: To be determined... will it be you??


Game System: Dungeons & Dragons


Game Type: One-Shot JonCon07 JonCon08 JonCon09 JonCon10



An incredibly cool idea run at GenCon for the past several years, only with JonCon providing better rules and a better judging system.


Participants compete for the coveted title of JonCon Iron DM. They are given several "ingredients" around which they must craft a game in only one hour. They are randomly assigned players who, in turn, have one hour to create characters (and are given certain character creation rules / restrictions).


Several DMs will compete, and only one will claim the Iron DM crown at the JonCon awards ceremony dinner to follow!



You may sign up for this game as either a player or a DM. Players do not require any special knowledge of D&D or the d20 system -- your fellow players, and your Iron DM will be there to help you.


DM Rules:


  • You may only use the Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook, and Monster Manual rules.


  • You may not bring any preprinted, prepared, or "shell" adventure.


  • You will be given several "ingredients" around which to craft your game. These could be things like "flash backs, funeral, frost giants, mistaken identity, magma." Each one of these elements should be fully incorporated into your game -- not just incidental random events.


  • Players will be randomly assigned.


  • You will not meet your players until your game is ready to begin. You will be able to give them character creation guidelines at any time after you get your ingredients. They will create their characters while you create the game. Creation guidelines may include a level range, starting gold/equipment/magic item guidelines, alignment and several words to describe other creation guidelines. For example, you could say: 3rd level, 500 gold in equipment, neutral evil, and "Roguish smugglers with hearts of gold".


  • Your game must last no longer than four hours. Games will be stopped at exactly the four hour mark.


  • You must have a title for your game by the end of the game.


DM Suggestions:

JonCon will provide you with players, character sheets, a private room, a printed list of your ingredients, a table, and maybe chairs -- that's all. Bring with you anything and everything you need to run your game, and make it great (no rulebooks other than the core three allowed, however). You should definitely bring the core books, dice, miniatures, maps, music, props and anything else that makes your game rock!


Your player group may include players who are unfamiliar with d20 -- however we will make sure that each group has at least two people familiar with the system to assist in character creation, etc.




Iron DM:

The official JonCon judges will slip into all of the games as they're being run to observe. A winner will be decided by player judging.


The Iron DM will be judged on the following criteria


  1. Story -- is it engaging and entertaining?


  2. Incorporating the ingredients


  3. DM panache - ability and style in running the game, combat, npcs, etc.


At the conclusion of the game the players will anonymously rate their DM on each of the three criteria on a scale of 1-5. The players will then be asked, privately, to tell the official JonCon judges a little bit about their game and about parts that the judge missed. The winner will be announced at the dinner Awards Ceremony immediately following the game, and the Iron DM will take his or her place at the head of the table of honor, with all of the special privileges that entails.



Additionally, we will award a best player for each group. The best player will be decided by the group's DM. The best player for each group will be honored at the Awards Ceremony, and be allowed a seat at the table of honor, with all the special privileges that entails.


Comments (2)

Kr1mz0n said

at 10:27 am on Mar 18, 2007

How were we thinking of showing the 3 different games? Do we want to make three different pages, maybe called "Iron Centarus" and "Iron Milky Way"

Anonymous said

at 12:25 pm on Mar 19, 2007

Well.... we should know the title of each of the three games, since they had to title it by the end of the game. I know Jeff's was "How do you corrupt that which is uncorruptable?" but I don't remember the others offhand.

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