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How Much for the Hutt

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How Much for the Hutt


The GM: Derick Larson


The Characters:

PLAYER Hammer - Ithorian Noble/Jedi
Uriah Gunny - Sullustan weapons expert
Robert Scar - Wookie limb remover
Alice Slice - Mon Calamari hacker/demolitions expert
Dan Slim Shooter - Duros Pilot
PLAYER Sphynx - Bothan infiltrator


Game System: Star Wars Saga Edition


Game Type: One Shot



A Star Wars Saga Adventure for 6 characters (level 5)


So the "troubleshooters" for Senator Organa have returned from their latest escapade with an uninvited guest - a Hutt.  Of course they're off again, leaving you to take care of things.  Well, a Hutt is a valuable prisoner, and a fledgling rebellion needs all the resources it can get.


The planet Velos in the Roon sector is known for its hunting expeditions, lavish accommodations, and no questions asked.  A perfect place to arrange a trade.


What could go wrong.

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