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World War II


The GM: Jeff


The Characters:

Player Character Primary Skill Secondary Skill Tertiary Skill
Dan Capt. Eddy Sharp Sniper Sentry Removal Vehicles
Ryan Msgt. Patrick H. Grace (wiki) Sentry Removal Vehicles Demolitions
Died Sgt. Daniel Daly (wiki) Sentry Removal Sniper Vehicles
Died Cpl. Thomas E. Atkins (wiki) Demolitions Sentry Removal Sniper
Darren Pvt. Vito R. Bertoldo (wiki) Sniper Sentry Removal Heavy Weapons
Lanica Pvt. Dexter Kerstetter (wiki) Vehicles Heavy weapons Sentry Removal
Claus Lt. William Allen (wiki and wiki) Heavy Weapons Sniper Sentry Removal
Died StS. Lewis Stratford Halliday (wiki) Sentry Removal Demolitions Sniper
Died Sgt. Robert Newell (wiki) Demolitions Sentry Removal Heavy Weapons
Died Cpl. Andrew Fitzgibbon (wiki) Sentry Removal Heavy weapons Demolitions
Died Cpl. John Neil Randle (wiki) Vehicles Demolitions Sentry Removal
Died Cpl. Richard Charles Travis (wiki) Heavy weapons Vehicles Sentry Removal

The Teams Weapons and Equipment list.



Game System: Gurps


Game Type: One-Shot


Related Games:




I hate Illinois Nazis.


Players face a mad German Nazi scientist named Wacker.


This is a generic WWII setting where the players take the parts of various British Army SAS and US Army Devil's Brigade.  One is the leader, Capt. Eddy Sharp, who will have extra information.  The rest are from various backgrounds and specializations. The mission is outlined below.  The game is about action, not planning.  Action will be rewarded, the more action you describe, and the more realistically, the bigger bonus to the roll.  No discription, no bonus.  Planning is just a flat out waste of time, because it comes down to a die roll anyways (as long as you're basically reasonable) :D


So brush up on your accents and be ready to bring he pain.  Describe your actions and lets have some fun. 


Last surprise: it is a timed game (gasp).  If the alarm clock goes off at five minutes before the end of the slot.  Then inescapable doom opens the door and kills everyone.


Home: US or British forces stationed in Great Britian, and deployed to Sicily, inserted into Austria with US Forces. They are taking part in a deep recon and execution mission at the Burghausen Castle (pic), home of mad scientist Reinholdt Z. Wacker (son of the founder of Wacker Chemical Enterprises) in Bavaria Germany.


Impetus: A young boy from the village that lies beneath the Burghausen castle fled the Fatherland and made a legendary and improbable journey to Allied lines in France, where he was picked up by a US nurse, who was serving with the OSS prior to the invasion. The nurse sent him to her colleagues in London, while she went on to Germany, she is now inside the castle. 


Intel: The boy eventually met up with Professor Brumsfeld in London, who contacted players and got them on the boat to Sicily. In Sicily they have received coded messages from the nurse now working as a maid in the castle. She says if they've not killed the mad scientist by the lunar eclipse, which will be at 2300 hours on Dec 23, then the world will end.  This is apparently when his plans come to fruition.


Start date: The team is at the town of Bad Gastein in Austria at 1800 hours on December 19, roughly 160 km from Burghausen by road. The Solstace is a full moon. They've traveled north from the Italian front for three days, and with not too much margin for error, they hope they have not arrived too late to stop the evil Scientist's plans.


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