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The GM: Jeff


The Characters:

Claus Buliwyf Dragonboat Chief
Ryan Herger Footman
Jon Roneth Footman
PLAYER Ragnar Footman
PLAYER Helfdane Footman
PLAYER Hyglak Footman/Scout
PLAYER Weath Footman/Scout
PLAYER Skeld Skirmisher/Footman
PLAYER Halga Skirmisher/Scout
Ray Edgtho Scout
PLAYER Haltef Archer / Footman
Uriah Rethel Archer


Game System: Gurps


Game Type: One-Shot


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Who Will Be the First Man?


Players face a Neanderthal tribe from the north.


This is a generic setting where the players take the parts of various "Northmen".  One is the leader, Buliwyf, who will have extra information.  The rest are his headmen, or warriors, and they are on a journey as detailed below.  The game is about action, not planning.  Action will be rewarded, the more action you describe, and the more realistically, the bigger bonus to the roll.  No discription, no bonus.  Planning is just a flat out waste of time, because it comes down to a die roll anyways (as long as you're basically reasonable) :D


So brush up on your viking accents (or just be Minnesotan) and be ready to bring he pain.  Describe your actions and lets have some fun. 


Last surprise: it is a timed game (gasp).  If the alarm clock goes off at five minutes before the end of the slot.  Then inescapable doom opens the door and kills everyone.


Home: Their dragonboat, sailing the great northern river. They've traveled north since leaving their encampment on its shores far to the south.


Impetus: A young boy from a city across the northern sea has come saying they are under attack by that which cannot be named.


Intel: A Seer from near their encampment said if they've not killed the mother and father of the tribe by the time the full moon goes dark, which will be late in the night two days after the night of the full moon on the Summer Equinox, that the world will end.


Start date: The Dragonboat and crew land at sundown at the boy's city to the north, five nights before the Summer Equinox, which is also the night of a full moon. They have been traveling north for ninety days, and with not too much margin for error, they hope they have not arrived too late.


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