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Welcome to the RPG Database



Click to learn about how to update!


This space is used to catalog the Games we've run, the Characters we've played, and the Players we've met. Anyone can update the wiki!




Did you ever wonder who was in that game you played 10 years ago... the one where you played the guy with his right arm stronger than his left? Or perhaps wanted to read about some of the campaigns some of your current players have been in? Or maybe just wanted to have a stable place to document your games going forward?


Well, this is the place. RPGDB is a continually growing collection of pages with games, characters, campaigns, everything that can be remembered and written down. If you were in a game not listed here... list it. If you played a character that everyone forgot, remind them.




Are you looking for downloadable character sheets, background info, or other resources? Don't bother searching the web, just go to the RPGDB wiki site, select Systems, and click on the system you want!




Are you looking for a place to update information for your campaign so your players can access it? Toss it up here! Background info, session recaps.... this is the perfect place. After all, what else do you have to do at work?



Wiki RPGDb Code of Honor


The wiki code of honor says:


-once something true is written do not change it

-adding to it is fine

-don't erase other peoples work

-be sure to follow Cole's Law.  What is Cole's Law?


2012 Gaming: The Apocalypse Calendar


2013: Post Apocalyptic Calendar


2014: Just a boring Calendar



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