Dan is the JonCon 2009 Iron GM!


Dan, known in some circles as Dancin' Dan, is a vibrating mass of pure energy sculpted into human form. When he's running a game, he never sits on a chair, instead choosing to pace back and forth, blazing through the game and only occasionally remembering to pretend to look at notes to give the illusion that he isn't just making it up on the spot.


Aneese claims credit to this day for hooking Dan up with his boyfriend Tim through the masterful technique of telling Dan that they wouldn't last a month. Dan escaped the ill fate plaguing most of those gamers who hook up long term with a non-gamer, but then screwed it up by selling all his possessions (including gaming books! The horror!) and taking off with Tim to wander the world indefinitely. Happily his indefinite travels came to an end and he has returned to the gaming fold.


Dan is known for his hatred of all cats, which he describes as gay.


Dan here. I do not hate cats...nor do I describe them as gay...but they do act that way now that I think of it. Also, I will be back on March 7th 2007 with enough games to run half of Gencon.(only half joking) Another subject, I only sold about a third of my gaming books (about $1700 worth...Yes, I have alot more books (evil Dracula laugh for backround effects]). By the way, Aneese told me the same thing for other boyfriends and they didn't last a month..or even a week! Claims credit?? Whatever.


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