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Claus was once voted "Nicest Guy in the World" in feirce competition with Sam, but lost his title after an ill conceived blog rant about Ryan's delicate bits. Claus' secret technique is the Hidden Mantis Ass Kick, and his super power is the Watch Inhumanly Crappy Movies, and the power extends to TV as well.


Claus is part of the gaming segment that enjoys poorly crafted game mechanics, such as those found in d20 or D20. He is currently living in Sin with Alice and has not yet abandoned gaming... of course, he is neither married nor in Texas yet.


Games I've Played


Games I've Run


My Characters



Campaigns Played

Adventure in Dagger Falls Valyn
Defenders of Freedom Deus Ex Machina
Deadlands Linus/Lymen Olin
Deadlands Dr Jack Foster
War Machine Fr Dean Cavanaugh
Lost Souls Chases Wolf
Goes Round the Word Grover "Ghost" ????
Vampire-Masque of the Red Death Jaques LeFlure
Vampire-Darkages Vaclav Patelengro
Vampire-Anders Vera
Vampire-Thule Kr1mz0n/Oliver Platt
Vampire-Thule Mitch
Vampire-Vages Vincinto Luciano
Vampire-Elder Emiliano Cortez
Vampire-Night City Mordikai
Into The Abyss Glighter Nach
Black Ops: Into the Darkness Masque
Conspiracy X: Muzak John Tsai
Conspiracy X: Muzak Dean Guliano
Conspiracy X: Muzak Francis
Conspiracy X: Blood Francis
Trust is a Funny Thing KC
Steampunk Zephyr
Average Heroes Zephyr
Metrodome Thantos
Pheonix Games Gwendolyn
Bill's Daggerstone Roan
Brotherhood of the Longest Day Phalen "Gus"
Brotherhood of the Longest Day some moon cleric chick






Campaigns GM'ed

Beati Mites
Adventure in Dagger Falls







One Shot's Played


One Shot's GM'ed

Deadlands: Frankenstein

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