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True story: when Brian was in highschool and just starting out in the magical world of martial arts, his mother sat down one day and, apropos nothing, asked what he wanted to do with his life. Brian though a moment and glibly replied "I don't know, maybe just wander the world and train in martial arts."


His mother though for a moment, then said, "Well, just make sure you use condoms."


Testing... Brian is also tarded.



Games Brian played


Games Brian ran



My Characters



Favorite Games:

I'd have to say that the best games I've played in were those gems in which the planets aligned and all the players put in some crazy amount of effort into their character, background, inter-party politics. The stand-outs among these were Jon's Werewolf campaigns that began with Rage Against the Machine and Ryan's L5R campaign, Emeralds and Jade

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