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The Apocalypse Klaive


The GM: Brian


The Characters:

Jon Preston (Boska)  MIA & presumed dead
Brandon William 'N00b Killer' Noonan
Jeff DreamsofDeath (Asim 'Mike' Rashid)
Uriah Steady
David Wiley E
Cory Marcus (WyrmScar) Dead under mysterious circumstances
Claus Lord Zeynel Karda Dau


Game System: Werewolf

Game Type: Campaign


Related Games:


Useful Links


- 8/8/8 Downtime Instructions




Characters begin the game as members of the TwinSept in the Twin Cities. The Chosen One is destined to lead the Garou in the Apocalypse. He has turned 18 and the Sept's Destiny Totem Spirit has chosen the members of his pack, Tooth and Claw -- all rank 1 Garou.


Character Creation Rules


Memorable Moments:

When trying to think of a pack name, suggestions of: Grizzly Fate (totem spirit is bear) and Camping the Apocalypse

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