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An Ounce of Prevention

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An Ounce of Prevention


Uriahs Shadowrun Game 


Hired By: Guy


Session: 6/28/09


Afternoon, last week Feb.

Friendly guy, with a ray of sunshire shoots out of his ass, calls us with a bit of retreival work.  "News: RMD Ambushers still not caught. Pictures at 10." 


Dinner meeting at a Doctor's office.  We ride in Indigo's ride, our illegal stuff in his smuggler's compartment, and cross from UCAS to CAS to PCC.   


We are going to Jantico Medical Clinic, on Ward and 58th in the PCC.  It is a runner's street doc.  Advertising as a clinic for the people.  Reference to Doctor Samuel Paritico, he used to work at Federal Heights Hospital, a big hospital. 


We get over fine, bum around til meeting time by watching Indigo ride around on his bike.


5739 Ward is grey. Too nice to be crappy, but too crappy to be nice.  Arabic numerals, and two others.  Store front looks like a tattoo parlor.  Old human lady receptionist and some sick people.  Walk to receptionist, we say our appointment is with the doctor, she takes use into a locker room, we put on smocks.  Then we go into an operating room.  Doctor is working as a patient who came in in an emergency.  A relatively routine emergency. 


He needs a drug, a new drug, in a certain hospital.  He seems sincere. 

Drug name:  Cryosec. Made by Pharmadyne (based in Seattle). 

In the PCC docwagon facility.

Recently approved by the FDA, prevents going into shock during surgery. Its expensive 100NY per vial. 

He offers 3000 NY Per person as long as each person brings back a case, and more at 100NY per vial.

He gives us 10% up front, and says it will probably be in the pharmecutical warehouse in the PCC DW facility. 


After sundown,

Mages scout the building. See 3 watcher spirits. 8th floor is blocked off/warded.  Background count too.  Moon almost botches.  Skimmer however succeeds.  


I call Zona, Takashi, then the Mechanic.  Zona talks, has good idea, but nothing specific. Tak doesn't answer the phone.  Mechanic starts working on getting me 2-3 boxes of EXEX predator ammo.   


Moon and Skimmer go astral and get spirits. While concealed, they start snooping around.  There are three buildings, and they're going into the 10 story building.  Moon is checking the first floor directory.  No pharm on dir, but 8 is Magical Healing.  He returns to astral.  He did see a medical store room.  Then they go to next building, then return. On third floor they check out the medical store room.  Moon manifests in elevator lobby to follow signs. 


The swoop around the floor and eventually zero in on the drug storage area.  Then the security mage shows up on them.


Edges Used: I



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