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Echoes of the Future


The GM: Claus


The Characters:

Brandon George Sniper
Jeff Shark Shooter
Jason Herbert Combs Detective Mage Wendigo Goodguy
Laura "Wraith" Wagner Antiquities Thief
Uriah Jimmy Jazz MMA Fighter
Ben Iroh Swordsman B&E
David  Powderkeg
Combat Mage



Game System: 


Game Type: One-Shot


Related Games:





Alternate Site:


Date to Play: 12/28/2012 (assuming we're all still here!)





Character Creation

  • Starting: 400 Build points (usual point limitations, 200 on attribtues, -35 neg qualities/35 pos qualities, 50bp max on resources)
  • Leveling up: +300 Karma, +750k Credits, +40 Points in Contacts (beyond the 300 karma), no more than 5000 credits remaining
  • Special: You must end your character creation (including leveling up) with a Public Awareness of 10 or higher.  Also, you must have a SIN (either real or Fake, and the appropriate Licenses (real or fake))
  • Karma and Nuyen can be swaped at a 1:2500 ratio.


  • Note: this is 3 months after the end last game...  the extra 150k was from the payout from various jobs between the sessions.



Everyone, being highly successfull runners should consider buying the following, or something near it:

  • A commlink. Fairlight Caliban 8k NY, or the Hermes Ikon 5k are good response and signal).
    • A basic OS like the Iris Orb OS, 1k NY.
    • Upgrade your Firewall to 6 for 3k NY for your main SIN.
    • Put Encryption 6 on your main comm 600 NY. (Note: unless it's upgraded or improved, you cannot go past the System of the commlink and the System of the commlink cannot be higher than the Response of the commlink.)
  • A second cheapo commlink 300 NY includes the OS.
    • With a throw away fake SIN 1k NY.
  • Get a tag burner and keep your gear clean of RFID tags, 150 NY.
  • Consider a AMAD Jammer to get past MAD scanners R4, 2k NY.
  • Some luggage and vacuum sealer to get guns and ammo past checkpoints without being scanned or sniffed, 4050 NY.
  • Wear a Full Bodysuit (1600 NY) with one other armor piece equal to X.  Where BOD  is your  Body attribute. 
    • X = (2 * BOD) -3
  • Put a Gridlink Override on your vehicle, 2k NY to keep the system off your gas.
  • Put a Skinlink on stuff you absolutely must log into (gun, commlink, etc) so you can't get Jammed out of your job. 50 NY.
  • Since running crews run TacNets, make sure you have enough channels to contribute.
  • Don't forget that Perception is a skill, Browse is a program to do Data Searches, and a MedKit without supplies only works 5 times. 


The story so far...



After the events on the Sapphire Interlude, the crew had several months to return to their usual lives; running, surviving, upgrading.  Yesterday, you received a pair of strange emails, one from a johnson, and the other from a grog.


From the Johnson for whom you've worked before you get the short note saying, "You're going to be getting a legit job offer sometime today, if you're interested, I'll match their price to do a side job.  Though the whole crew will have to be up for it.  Let's chat tonight at Dice, downtown.  They'll be expecting you."

The other, to the name you're most known by, is a message from Grog Productions, "Chummer - I've got a sweet deal for you for you to make some legit cash without getting shot at... well, you will be shot, but not by bullets.  I got this script that needs an authentic aire, and you've got authenticity coming out your pores.  The paycheck is a cool million for a week's work (two maxiumum, but I'm sure you're naturals and we won't need to do too many retakes).  We'll be shooting on location, so mind your manners.  If you're interested, let's talk.  I'll be at the Steakhouse tomorrow evening, just ask for Max."  And it's signed Maximillian Grog. (Shark's Journal Part 1).


The story continues...


Having fled the set of Maximillian Grog's movie, in Essen Germany, the crew make their way to Australia, trying to keep off the radar of the biggest corporation on earth, Saeder-Krupp.  They have pockets full of devices made by Nicoli Tesla, straight from the 1930's.  They collectively have been paid 5million nuyen, and if it can be believed, Shark was told by strange other-worldy beings, that they have around 4 days before a dreaded Hound catches up to them and kills them.  Shark was told that they cannot kill the hound, for if they do, the world will be destroyed, and they cannot run, for the hound will always get its prey. (Shark's Journal Part 2).


Given these options, the runners will do what they're known for... the impossible.



Comments (15)

c2 said

at 11:58 am on Nov 10, 2012

I like pi...

gorta said

at 1:29 am on Nov 20, 2012

Need to edit your suggestions. Encrypt 6 isn't needed unless you have System 6 and response 6.

Jeff said

at 4:11 pm on Nov 21, 2012

Shark does not have a TacNet this time. Money was too tight. He has 4 channels to contribute.

gorta said

at 5:21 pm on Nov 21, 2012

Hmm, okay, dumping my tacnet as well. I can come up with other places to spend that money.

Jeff said

at 6:51 pm on Nov 21, 2012

Just get an R1 and we can all slave to u

gorta said

at 9:24 pm on Nov 21, 2012

Hmm that would be a good idea with my commlink. Ill have to see if I can come up with the $$.

c2 said

at 12:20 pm on Dec 23, 2012

Suggestions on a role for me to fill? Looks like there is space/time for me to join ya'll.

gorta said

at 12:43 pm on Dec 23, 2012

A mage? I forget if we have one of those yet but I don't think so. I bet you can make a wicked mage with that bunch karma and money...

Rachel has a rank 1 Tacnet for us to slave to btw. She also has the same military commlink that I do.

Jeff said

at 2:58 pm on Dec 23, 2012

Or Pulse! I still like him/it.

We don't have a hacker either.

Jason's guy is a mage technically, but does not have many spells, or healing. Good counterspelling, but is basically an investigation guy (detection spells), and a big handgun. Has like 5 detection spells, Combat Sense, and Increase Reflexes. Good spells for a detective I think, but no combat spells.

Kr1mz0n said

at 2:06 pm on Jan 2, 2013

Okay... we'll need to finish off this party. Jeff would like it to happen before next december... I think sometime in late feb/early mar could work... what do people think? maybe we can start early on a saturday... and get it done without David having to burn the 2 am oil... :)

Kr1mz0n said

at 2:13 pm on Jan 2, 2013

jon also mentioned the possibility of running it at JonCon (in april ish)... but then i'd be "Forced" to limit it to 4 or 6 hours.

Jeff said

at 2:47 pm on Jan 2, 2013

Late Feb, March, and likely April will not work for me as the Squabbit will be done/arrive somewhere in there.

Kr1mz0n said

at 6:27 pm on Jan 2, 2013

I thought it was going to be closer to mid/late march... so Feb would work. we could have it be a mid-year thing... (maybe over 7/4... will everynoe (but david) get july 5th off?)

Jeff said

at 9:48 am on Jan 3, 2013

I can do July.

Jeff said

at 10:01 am on May 14, 2013

Did we get a Notoriety for that shootout at the S-K plant?

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