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Moon Ben-der

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Moon Ben-der

Mongoose Traveller


Spinward Marches, traveling and trading and adventure in the year 1000 of the Third Imperium.  Oh, and an inordinate amount of drinking space hooch.


Chart says Group is Plastic Jug Vodka, but I think we're more Box Ethanol.



The GM: Ben


The Characters:

Player  Character  Careers  Vibe Check  Age (Terms)  Rank  Description
Brandon  Brence  Scout, University, Doctor  Captain and Doctor who Failed Med School 


Claus Abraham Navy Naval Gunner/Engineer 38 (5)  PO2  
Jeff  John Smith  Rogue, Drifter, Navy  Urban poor, turned Rogue who got chased off a planet, spacer scavenger, press-ganged to Navy 42 (6)  Sub LT  Rakish Irish Space Pirate crossed with a Bearded Angel.
Rachel Mara Scout, Driver, Belter? Amnesiac University Student and later Scout/Courier.  34 (4)     
Cory  Isaac  Merchant Marine  First Officer who seems squared away, Engineer, Drives, Electronics  46 (7)  First Officer  Parted company on Flamarrion. 
Tom  Frank  Army, Navy, Marines, Drifter, Belter?  Aged out, cross tread, Space hobo drunk, trigger masher. 50 (7)    Parted company on Flamarrion. 


Team Starship:

The Solar Explorer (IISS Scout Ship)



Game System: Mongoose Traveller


Game Type: Campaign


Related Games:

  • None




Traveller traveling trying to make a living at adventure and things.


Part one -

Flamarrion to Walston in to repo the High and Dry.


Part Two

Covert mission from Flamarrion to Truvic


Part three - 

We travel to Kardin in search of Ancients!


Part 4 -

We flee Kardin after an advanced race obliterates the threat we unearthed in the Ancient Ruins, and strike off across the sector to Tarsus and COLLACE.  


Part 4 ends the campaign after the group does some Nobble hunting, but gets drawn into an appearance of Crabdogs from Kardin on Tarsus.  The same Megacorp that ran the research station on Kardin ran a research station on Tarsus; SuSAG.  From Crabdogs attacking the ranch we were at, to the first moon of Tarsus where the group breaks in to the Corporate Moon Base and rescues our #Rekt crew member Gwen. Fin.





Campaign Info: (there are a lot of space nerds, and Traveller has a lot of wiki)

 - Traveller Wiki Timeline (or Timeline of Dates)


 - Traveller Wiki 


 - Traveller Map  




Game Journal Parts 1-3


Game Journal Parts 4


That's it.



More to come as we Travell...

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