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Parliament of Horrors, Part II

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Parliament of Horrors Part II: Snowfall


The GM: Jon


The Characters:


PLAYER Sleestak, 7th Circle T'skrang, drunken womanizer, self proclaimed "greatest swordmaster in Barsaive."
Vicky Snow, 4th Circle Human Troubadour, anomalist, dilettante swinger, jack of all trades, con woman, no nonsense rake.
PLAYER Groustroud Deepheart, 5th Circle Dwarven thief, stoic and thoughtful, sticky fingered engineer, expert treasure hunter.
PLAYER Gamm Amberlane, 5th Circle Dwarven elementalist, anomalist, a "thinking dwarf's dwarf," artist, musician, Questor of Astendar  
PLAYER TBD, 3rd Circle New PC designed by the players
PLAYER TBD, 3rd Circle New PC designed by the players

Game System:


World Information: An introduction 


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Introduction: Interrupting the six dry months and six rainy months of a typical year, a freak snowstorm pounds the NE corner of Barsaive heralding the coming of Wendigo.  Even with Skraat, Sleestak, Vicky Snow's Lightfoot, Donner's Rangers and Horror's Bane, the Circle of Skraat feels woefully unprepared to stand against the gathering of horrors in the area and the Five Forsaken of Parlainth.  Skraat begins to decipher the enormous "Great and Secret Show" - a three thousand page poem written in old Theran dactylic hexameter but another appearance by Kult , throws everyone's plans to the wind. The cultists of the Black Goat are on the rise and the cadavermen hordes, immune to the blizzard cold, continue to plague the upper corner of Barsaive.  Additional assistance - is not coming. The snowfall has ground all travel to a halt and the majority of Barsaive's flying ships, adepts and fighting name givers are with the Throal army who, flush from its victory against the Triumph, is pushing south west to link up with the platoons of Travar and the Scorcher army of Kara Fahd, for an all out attack on Vivane & Sky Point. 


And so it is that Skraat, Sleestak, three Legion fireteams and a few dozen novice adepts living in Haven must stand against the cadavermen hordes, the Wendigo, the Beolith Monstrosity,  the Five Forsaken of Parlainth, a nefarious parliament of horrors and ... Nothing. 



As, gradually ...  ever so gradually ...it begins to crescendo.  




Game note: Players will take the on the roles of some of the NPC's and PC's from previous games. There are two open PC slots for players to make brand new PC's if they would rather create someone new instead of taking a character previously created. Also, while Skraat will remain an NPC - someone must take on the role of Sleestak.



Roster of important NPC's:


Skraat T'skrang. Circle Nine Wizard. Legate of the Grim Legion.
Cervantes Human. Circle Seven Sky Raider. Skraat's adviser and personal bodyguard
Torgak Troll. Circle Nine Warrior. The venerable Mayor of Haven. 
Makali Urog Troll. Circle Seven Shaman. Torgak's right hand woman and spiritual adviser. 
Captain Donner Dwarf. Circle Five Warrior. Captain of Donner's Rangers, a Legion fireteam. Trained in the Blood Wood.
Sgt. Strongbuckle Dwarf. Circle Four Warrior. Leader of Horror's Bane, a Legion fireteam. 
Elmera Elf. Name Giver. Lovely and elegant but ... withdrawn and secretive. 
Portia Human. Name Giver. Tattooed, athletic and strong. The only sex worker in Haven that has not gone missing. 
Mr. Oakenfall Dwarf. Name Giver. Bookish and scholarly. Kind of elitist. 
Sgt. Breen Dwarf. Circle Four Warrior. Questor of Lochost. Socialist. Member of Donner's Rangers.
Grace Songsteel Human. Circle Five Cavalrywoman. Questor of Thystonius.  Noble woman from the White City.
Rhonda Villmore Human. Name Giver. Oblation Board Associate. Haven business adviser. 



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