From the Beginning

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The GM: Brandon


The Characters:

Elf Swordmaster
Elf 'Tinker' 

Riki Bluewing


Windling Wizard 

Elf Archer

Phaedreus Lou 
Elf Scout
Obsidiman Warrior
Tom F Arin  Dwarf Elementalist 


Game System: Earthdawn


Game Type: Campaign


Related Games:


  • None - Starting fresh in the world of Earthdawn



A band of adepts from Kaer Davarn are sent to explore the outside world when unforeseen events mean the kaer will no longer be able to support its inhabitants.


4e Errata


Available Options:

Player's Guide (all), Companion (Enchanting) (talent knacks not available until introduced in the game), Questors (All, except anything related to the mad passions), Mystic Paths (All except talent knacks, talent knacks available after introduced in the game)


House Rules:

1. Journals

Writing a journal will earn the character Earthdawn Points. In order to earn the points, you have to finish the journal for a session before the beginning of the next session. Each session you write a journal for earns you one Earthdawn Point.

Benefit  Earthdawn Point Cost 
Reroll player roll before is resolved (max once per roll)
Spend a karma point on a test. This is in addition to any other karma that may be spent on the test.  (max once per roll) 2
Reroll GM roll before roll is resolved (max once per roll) 3
Add minor change to current scene 1
Prevent PC from dying - character is at one point from death rating and gains an additional wound 10











2. Taking Step

To keep the game moving along, the characters will often just use their step value for determining success or failure. This is basically taking 10 from D&D.


3. Perception/Awareness

When not actively trying to perceive something, your passive Perception/Awareness will be step-2. This is not the minimum for your rolls when you are actively perceiving.


4. Magician characters do not have any spell matrices.


5. Clip the Wing will be usable on Windling Characters


6. Generating Attributes. Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest six times. Until the point cost of your attributes is at least 25, reroll your lowest stat.


7. Personality traits will be used. Select at least two.

Sample Personality Traits: Aggressive, Aloof, Altruistic, Ambitious, Amoral, Apprehensive, Argumentative, Astute, Attentive, Bloodthirsty, Bold, Charismatic, Chivalrous, Cold, Compassionate, Compassionless, Condescending, Confident, Conniving, Conservative, Courageous, Courteous, Cowardly, Creative, Cruel, Cunning, Curious, Cynical, Depraved, Dignified, Disciplined, Dishonest, Drunkard, Easy-going, Eloquent, Energetic, Extroverted, Fanatical, Follower, Forgiving, Friendly, Generous, Good-humored, Gracious, Greedy, Gullible, Honorable, Humorless, Idealistic, Immature, Immoral, Insightful, Insulting, Intellectual, Intense, Intimidating, Intolerant, Introverted, Intuitive, Irrational, Jealous, Judgmental, Kind, Lazy, Liar, Logical, Loner, Loyal, Lustful, Malcontent, Manipulative, Militant, Miserly, Mocking, Moral, Naïve, Obsessive, Opinionated, Optimistic, Overbearing, Paranoid, Passionate, Patient, Persuasive, Pragmatic, Protective, Proud, Rational, Reactionary, Realistic, Reasonable, Rebellious, Reserved, Resourceful, Rude, Sadistic, Sarcastic, Selfish, Sensitive, Sentimental, Shrewd, Spontaneous, Superstitious, Suspicious, Sympathetic, Treacherous, Vengeful, Witty.


8. Starting Equipment: Artisan Tools, Dagger or Knife, Grimoire (magicians only),  Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe or breeches, traveler’s cloak), 100 silver pieces. The silver pieces can be used to buy additional equipment at book price. Once the game starts prices will vary. The kaer's prices will almost always be higher. Remember that you are living in a town in a cavern and the closest thing to wilderness are the agriculture caves when you buy additional equipment.


9. Each character should have a sentence or two describing how their discipline and their worldview relate to each other. See personal vision p. 79.


10. Have a general background in mind and flesh it out after the first introductory session.


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