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The GM: Claus


The Characters:

Player Character Role Discipline/Race
Jesse The Plague Ranged Specialist - Single Target Archer/Elf
Not Appearing  Crash Override
Close Combat - Asset Manager
Tom Cereal Killer
Utility - Buff/Debuff
Jeff Phantom Phreak
Ben Lord Nykon
Close Combat - Finesse
Uriah Acid Burn Close Combat - Direct Warrior/Obsidemen
Brandon Zero Cool (Totally George Thomas) Utility - Ranged Support Wizard/Elf


Game System: Shadowrun 5e - Actually Earthdawn 4th Edition


Game Type: One-Shot


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Alternate Site:


Date to Play: December 9th, 2017






The Story So Far...



The Story as Told by Phantom Freak:

account recorded by Brother Bob using a variant of 'Speak with Dead'.


During the third war, living among the Kirin Tor in Dalaran we were defenders of the city protecting it from the Scourge.  The leaders summoned the Worgen to fight with us well, but something went wrong in Shadowfang Keep.


So there we went, to that accursed keep, looking for the [Shadow Fang Dagger] in Silver Keep. 


Once we rode to the keep we approached the portcilus and ssaw that beyond it were undead.  They were also in the side room.  We entered the side room and buffed.  We round a corner, go up stairs, through another side door and see zombies. We charge.  It is a quick fight, but we quickly kill the five zombies and fight our way to the first boss.  I just jump down and charge the boss, and someone cast Ice Floor.  I don't remember much after that, I think I got knocked out.


Anyways, once I'm awake again we go to the next room and fight through a ton of undead trash.  Two bosses are ahead of us and an uber boss.  A mage does acid burn and does a ton of damage while we're fighting.  Then I smoke the boss for something like 57.  Then there are just two bosses left.  Everyone accounted for themselves well.


So we fight through more trash, and get to the end boss, Lord Godfreid.  He has with him the two sub bosses Baron Silvermane and Commander Springvale.


Things get confusing here because we're on the last boss who dual wields pistons and has a relentless ghoul horde at his back.  There is lots of acid burn, air dancing and momentum attacks.  Our Windling gets knocked down, then knocked out.  But he gets healed up, how I don't know.  Then I get knocked out and killed.  My notes aren't great.


George Thomas hacks the system and gets me back on my feet, but it is only a temporary reprise.


We then somehow drop the two sub bosses.  The boss is the last one up, and he again drops the windling and then the Obsidiman, and then me.  Finally the wizards kill him.



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