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The Nevada Garden

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The Nevada Garden


The GM: Jon


The Characters:



Game System: Champions 


World Information: The New World


Related Games:

     * The Armageddon Initiative (Champions)

     * The King




     Starting in early 2010, "The Nevada Garden" has illegally supplied biotech and blacktech weapons to fringe groups in small cities around the lands of the Sioux Nation and occasionally, to small time cult leaders living in rural areas. Their sales agents are rumored to appear out of no where, are always friendly and knowledgeable and give the weapons and technology away for free.


Thousands of conspiracies explode on the web usually blaming Opek Re but the Gorillas deny all accusations.  China, the world's leading supplier of illegal "blacktech" & neutronium similarly deny all accusations. Albion mystics and Tuatha de Danna oracles find no information and finally, three federal investigations and dozens of private ones fail to find a specific leader, factory, distribution network or a location for the Garden.  


The mysteries of the Nevada Garden are locked tight.  


Until now.


Following a maddeningly obscure set of clues found on the Deep Web, Chankoowashtay, a Lakota harrowed sage, uncovers, "irrefutable proof" the location of the "Nevada Garden" is not on Earth. Massive and scornful internet speculation follow the release of Chankoowashtay's "alien technology" claim.  It's not until world famous Anonymous founder, L33T_DOS_BOMB, releases a series of classified military briefs from the nineteen fifties backing up the evidence that the world takes note.


The Nevada Garden is not on Earth but .. it's not exactly extra terrestrial, either.


It's something much more familiar. 


And it bleeds.












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